Melting Point, the Erotic Turn Based Tactics RPG Dating Simulator. 
Help the Metal Girls avoid extinction in their heroic battle against the malicious Furna!

As a humble blacksmith from earth, can you make the difference?

-Game Features-

-Demo Features-

Melting Point's Prologue.

Introduction to Tin, the game's first main heroine.

Tin's animated dialogue portrait with full story voice acting.

Tin's first 4 dates, followed by 1 H-Scene

Tin's reforging mini-game.

2D Realtime Tactics Combat System.

-Full Game Features Currently Planned-

  • 8+ Hours of Gameplay
  • An epic tale told over 3 main story acts, following the story of a blacksmith supporting a group of metallic girls.
  • 9 Dateable Women inspired by the Metals of the Periodic Table
  • 2D Realtime Tactics Combat System.
  • Completely Animated Dialogue Portraits
  • Animated Romance Illustrations.
  • Voice acting for all important story scenes, mini-games, combat, and romance scenes.
  • "Harem" content for multiple love interests at once.


-Brief Introduction-

The only thing standing between the extinction of an entire race is you. With hammer in hand you set out with Tin, a girl composed entirely of the material, to head out into the cosmos. Your duty? To save her people from the wrath of the dreaded Furna. A race of sentient fire and magma who won't stop until the last of the Metals are but puddles on the ground. Command their battles, repair their broken forms, maybe fall in love once (or twice, who's counting?) along the way, in this erotic sci-fi rpg.

-Story Synopsis-

Among the stars of the constellation Canes Venatici there is a pair of twin planets, home to two different species. On Ustrina, you have the Furna. Creatures made of the lava that run wild in the rivers that cross their planet. Then you have Aestrum, where it's fallen stars give life to the gorgeous and courageous Metals. For a time so long neither can remember when it began, both species have been raging in an endless war. After countless centuries of combat, the Furna have finally gained the upper hand, and almost brought the Metals to extinction.
One day, when returning home from a supply trip, a Metal ship was ambushed and shot down by a Furna patrol. Crash-landing on a planet known as Earth.

This is your home. Being a simple blacksmith, enjoying the quiet life with your forge. That night, as you were preparing yourself for a good night's sleep, a huge crash from just outside your house rouses you from slumber. Upon inspecting you discover the tarnished remains of a spaceship, and a metallic girl unconscious among the wreckage. This is the moment when your simple fate leapt into the stars. To become the hero the Metals need!

The game is still in development and you can support us on Patreon to get access to new builds of the game and you can join the Discord for the fastest source of Melting Point information! Thank you so much for supporting the development of Melting Point!

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I hope you all enjoy AstroKaen's first game!


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Any chance you can please make an android version it seems to be a very good game but I only have an android phone

What is the difference between demo browser and downloadable demos? Or how can I download non-demo version from patreon?

The current Browser version is 1.0.0. The downloadable version is version 1.1.0 including bug fixes. The new Chapter isn't released yet so the downloadable demo is the most up to date version. You can continue to monitor the progress of next update on Patreon and Twitter.

Thank you :)

(1 edit)

Here's a theoretical question, Since all members of this alien race have the properties of their namesake element, is there a possibility that Alloy Girls exist?  

I know this is a silly question, due to the fact that all of the individuals of this race resemble human females, and I highly doubt that there will be Futanari content in the game.

Overall, a great Demo for the gameplay, but not for understanding how a race that are literally living metal statues would reasonably work, 

No Alloy girls are planned for this game  all pure elements.

Thank you so much for playing our demo! And yeah we didn't want to bore you with all of the sci-fi explanations in the prologue you'll be slowly learning more about their species as more Chapters release!

theres a glitch that makes it so when i  go to save i cant save a new file and trying to overwrite loads that file


This bug has been fixed as of version 1.1.0, it's only currently available through Windows download currently updated browser version will be released soon.

what do i do when where in the ship

(1 edit)

Saving and loading have some bugs. Once I load a save file, save becomes load.

After the mini-game repairing Tin, the cursor remains as in the mini-game.

The art style and voice acting are great.

edit: the bug mentioned above happened in the download version.

Thank you for the report! That's a known bug and it's been fixed now! The fix will be featured in the updated demo that'll be coming out at the end of the month.

Thank you for your kind words!

whenever i get 5 hearts on the first scene where your repairing the crashed girl it wont let me progress and just locks me on the sanding screen, i can grope and pet the girl, but nothing else

Thanks for the bug report! Be on the lookout for a patch fixing many of the current bugs reported!


I remember playing the Demo when you posted it to Reddit a while ago. Can't remember if I gave feedback or not so Here goes.

I like the combat system and how time slows to a crawl when it's your turn to act. There seemed to be a bug though and after finished attacking time would slow to a crawl for way longer than intended (can't remember exactly but like 20+ seconds to a minute maybe) before I'd get a chance to act again. The Reforging mini-game was fun but some of the prompts were not clear on my first few tries. If memory serves, I liked the writing, there was a lot of thought put into their biology and culture which made the "H-scene" dialogue interesting as she softens more and more as she's aroused.

Basically this is interesting, and I'll try to keep an eye on this awaiting more content and stuff :)

Thank you so much for the feedback! We were wondering if anyone ran into that bug, we were hoping it wasn't common but if you got it we fear now that it was more widespread than we once though.

It's fixed now we're fixing up some more bugs before we put out an updated build with all of the bug fixes.


Oh yeah, When I played it, it was a really common bug. I mean it happened to me several times over my playtime and it ruined the whole pace of the combat (which is a shame cause I loved the combat when the bug didn't happen). Not sure if it happened for others tho so I can't say much about that.

Good to hear it's already fixed though. Keep it up, don't forget to take breaks and hydrate. :)

Thank you so much! Hopefully before the end of the month we'll have the new build with the bug fixes up so you shouldn't go through that problem anymore!

Also no worries at all I always hydrate haha

I downloaded the newest demo.
• When I tried to load from inside the game, it saved and overwrote my file instead. I thought the message was asking if I was sure it was okay to lose unsaved progress, since I was on the file load menu (the one with Autosave and Load on the side).
• The 'Exit Game' on the title screen doesn't work.


The demo's haven't been updated yet those are still the same version as the HTML one so that bug hasn't been fixed yet. It's just a small error of the wrong screen showing up, you would have to click what you're trying to do on the left to get the correct interface.

That's weird Exit Game should work, it's on a bit of a delay it doesn't close out immediately.

Those are buttons on the left? Why does the save window have one (it only has one that says save)? Clicking load or autosave on the load screen does not give any indication they are doing anything. No sound or visual cues, nothing.

I hope this is fixed for the update you are currently working on.

To my knowledge, the title screen's load button does work as intended, and just the one during gameplay doesn't.


It's a known bug that's been fixed the update just isn't released to the public. 

is the full game out if so where can i play it?

No the game is still in development, this demo was released to garner funding to create the full game.


This is such a good game!!! It's plot is kind of similar to Steven and the Gems from Cartoon Network. Very cool, can't wait for the final project!

Thank you so much! Please if you can rate the game and tell others about it!


I finally got the time to review and play some more H games! (No, I'm not dead). I saw this cute game in the works so I took the time to play the demo. Because this is, in fact, a demo, there won't be much for me to say but I'll say as much a I can.

So... Welcome back to another comment of H *clap* Reviews *clap*! I'm gonna look over the demo of "Melting Point" by AstroKaen!

Overall Grade: 30/30 -- Will wait for the official release patiently! 

Storyline 10/10:

The storyline is really intriguing to me. I was interested in how people would portray a blacksmith, and more importantly, get it right. And it surprised me to see a metal girl, Tin (We officially have waifus for everything! What a time to be born). and the blacksmith being able to help her. Then there's the on going war which Tin barely escaped from.

In other words, I can't wait to see where this is going! And how much it would develop in the player's eyes from what they received in the demo. 

Artwork 10/10:

If you know me from previous comments and such, you'll know I'm a sucker for moe and "cute-sy" art. I would put this art style under that category. I don't have much more to say about it other than it's cute!

Character Development 10/10:

You've heard me say it before but I'll say it again, "I love character development". I saw a lot more spaces for other characters and how the "affection" part of the game progresses the respective characters actions and dialogue. 

One of my buddies told me that another small detail (which I would've missed out on if I didn't know that my bud also played this demo) is when you click on Tin when she is "attending". Before you get to know her, she is defensive which changes after you take the time to actually get to know her. 

That is one small detail which I appreciate. The game would function perfectly without it but the Devs wanted to put that in. 


This would be one of the few games I am willing to wait for the official release. An interesting and unique storyline, cute artwork, and of course (the best part) good character development! I would recommend this to a friend and I would play it again!

Thanks for reading another review of H *clap* Reviews *clap* So, remember, if you're looking for a cute metal waifu and are looking to fight some aliens to protec her, this is in your forte. That's it from me, until next time.


(OH! I almost forgot! There are headpats!!! Add 5 points onto the overall grade!)


Oh my god! Thank you for the absolutely spectacular review! I'm so happy the little details we did were actually noticed! Please definitely be on the lookout for the game there's only more to come from Melting Point!

Of course! (As a completionist) I always try to find everything possible! After all, you just gotta respect the amount of effort that goes into games like Melting Point (And if no one does, I will!) And I will definitely keep an eye out for more content on Melting Point!

Keep up the good work! The game is lookin amazing so far!


This game is currently on sale for 25% off… But due to being a pay what you want game—specifically with no minimum price—the sale has no impact on the cost of the product.

That aside, the fact it shows up in the sale listings is a bonus; more people need to see this. If I had money to toss at games I like, I'd toss some this way. What's here so far is great quality and entertainment, in my opinion.

Yep we know! Mainly participating for the meaning behind it and to get more people looking at the game! And of course no problems at all if you aren't able to support monetarily even telling others about the game and rating the project does a lot of good for us!


We've not played it enough yet to give it a rating (We're a busy* woman), and have only done one date that, while it did end well, we had accidently insulted Tin during.

We have a few concerns, but they are entirely due to a lack of knowledge on the full story.

If you are in the itch Discord, shoot us a DM if you wish to fill us in on your story and\\or listen to us ramble about our thoughts and ideas; or if you just want to talk about gaming or such.

We have told a few others about the game, and would love to give more support when able.

Stay awesome~♥!


Quite the interesting concept. I definitely liked it and would love to play it as a full game someday,


Thank you so much for playing the demo! I can't wait until you can play it as a full game someday as well

I beat the first battle and it just freezes on the attack stats and i cant press anything. Ive reloaded the page and it does the same thing.

Are you in FullScreen? Because if you aren't the UI scaling is all out of wack on HTML for some reason. It's possible that the button ran off screen somewhere.


it worked thank you so much :)

Of course no problem I hope you enjoyed the game!


I enjoyed it a lot great job! :)

I'm happy that you enjoyed it! If you could please rate the game and consider sharing it with your friends! Or even possibly become a patron if you're able to


Having played the demo, I can tell that I am going to like this game a lot. my only problem is that the mouse cursor becomes weird at times and makes it hard to save games.

Thank you so much for playing the game and also for reporting that bug! It's a known bug that we've already begun fixing!

(2 edits) (+2)

Played the demo and I can say that the demo was enough to show how unique the game's concept is and how lively the other characters will be in the future contents as we have seen it with Tin. Being able to give "life" to a character is a great success. Finally an unique story without same fantasies being written over and over with dead inside characters. Live 2d is well made, story is unique, dialogue options are nice, voice acting is great, style is great, turn-based gameplay is nice. Yup, this is a good game. I will be waiting for the updates :)

Ahhh thank you so much for the praise! We'll be trying our best please if you can if you can rate the game and tell any of your friends about it would really help us out a a lot! Also consider supporting us on Patreon if you're able to!

Is there a still image in the H scene?

If so, I don't know the terms.

Can you give me a hint?

Nope if you've made it to the H-Scene you've seen all of the content the demo has to offer currently. Thank you for playing!

Would it be possible to make an android-compatible version?


The hard part about android is taking into account all of the different screen sizes, for UI scaling. We've talked about possibly doing an android build but it'll have to wait until farther down the line.


Thank you for planning it, even if it never comes to be; much appreciated.


Impressed at the voice acting.

but this dialog ...:

MC: "hey, how about staying on earth?"



Some more feedback:

- Non-voiced text partially very wordy

- Nice mix of minigame, battle and h scene

- battle obviously just a prototype so far, at least it's quick to finish, some feedback missing like hovering enemy doesn't show that it can be clicked now and the zoom in when winning is awkward. the choice ui moving up and down is unpleasant though

- minigame has just small usability stuff: not very clear why I fail (hammer has to be dead center?) and the curor UI is too tiny (the bar with miss/good/perfect indicator)

- her comments while she's being minigame-fixed are the best!

Seems like a very very cool/interesting/new kind of scenario with characters being metal based.

Hey thank you so much for doing a raw playthrough of the game! And thank you for all of that feedback we'll look into everything you suggested to help us improve the game going forward!

hmm the web version of the game takes a long time  to load why is that?

There could be multiple reasons, from your download speed, to your PC hardware, I would always suggest downloading Melting Point if it takes to long to play in browser.

oh ok, thanks

What happened to the demo?

Concept sounds cool, only know about it since I saw you on the future fragments discord.


We're still working on it! My goal right now is to get the demo out Early December the entire team is on crunch time right now to make that happen!

aherm. ahehehem


Haha don't worry all of our Tech Demos are done now. We're doing the last polish session before we release the public demo! You only release once so we're taking the steps to make sure our public demo is the best representation of our studio and our intro into the community.

at least you're working hard to make your release great. i hope that it turns out as a great release