Melting Point Version 004 Released for Patrons

Hey there! I'm Astro Kaen the creator of Melting Point!

This is Melting Point's 2nd release now available for people to play on Patreon so it's time to spread the word about it!

Current Release Features

Melting Point is a visual novel, dating sim, RPG PC game where you're helping Metal Girls fight back in their war while getting to know them intimately.

  • Play through the introduction Prologue of the game meeting the first metal girl.
  • Play the games first mini-game, reforging that metal girl after she's been injured.
  • Play through the first girls first 4 dates and if all the dates go well experience her first H-Scene together.
  • Play around with the girls interact-able animation on the main hub screen(recommended after playing everything else because of a possibly glitch. This doesn't detract from the overall release experience but should be patched out next version.ETA Play Time 1 hour and 30 minutes dependent on reading speed and date performance.

Story Synopsis

Among the stars of the constellation Canes Venatici there are a couple of twin planets, home to two different species -- the Furnas, creatures made of the lava that run wild in the rivers that cross their planet, Ustrina, and the Metals, children of the fallen stars of Aestrum.

For a long time both species have been fighting in a raging, endless war; after a turn of events, the Furnas finally overcame the Metals during the war, almost bringing them to extinction.

One day, when returning from a supply trip, one of the Metals got ambushed and chased down by an enemy ship; being unable to avoid the Furnas, the Metal ship got shot down and was sent plummeting to a new world.

This is the world where the player (main character) resides. In his world, he’s considered a Smith, someone who works with metals. One night, when the main character was getting ready for bed, he heard a huge crash just outside his house.

It was when he decided to inspect the source of such noises that he found a Metal stuck in the wreckage. This is where the Smith’s story begins.

Are you the hero that they need?

Preview Images

Here's Tin! The first girl you meet!

Tin's Mini-Game Animation Teaser

Visual Novel Portion in game preview


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Change Log

Prologue has been extended and story reformatted from the feedback we received previously. Combat has been removed while we're changing to the new version of it expect a Combat tech demo update soon. Mini-Game Quality of Life Updates. Remove some CGs added some CGs. Overall polish updates.

Bug Fixes Double Click to advance has been fixed. Save and Load is enabled. Tin sticking around from the Hub Menu has been fixed. Numerous other Bug Fixes.

Bugs already noted for busting. Still can't seem to get rid of that sound clip playing from the last scene after the mini-game, not major but still there. Title menu buttons disappear sometimes when clicking title menu? It's hard to reproduce but it happens from time to time looking into it now

Plans for next version The next version of the game should be the first new combat test so I'm excited for that. After the combat test if everything seems to look good this demo will be released to the public.

Future Plans. One this demo has been officially released to the public Melting Point's story will begin to move forward. We've already started preparing for starting the next part of the game so look forward to that! We'll decide after the demo release if we should continue on our Patron model or possible make a kickstarter.

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